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   Dear ***** *****,

     Congratulations ! This acknowledgments sets forth certain terms upon which { Mr Micheal Raymond) } is interested in acquiring your item and he paid the Total Amount of  Three Hundred And Fifty Euro (€350.00).

Below-Are The Noted Name And Bank Account There In.

Bank Name
Account Details
Account Holder's Name
Item Description
Buyer's Name
Item Location

Date of payment

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**** ******

Acer TravelMate 2304NLC
Mr.Micheal Raymond
Date:October 08,2007

 Your Payment has been Processed Successfully on your  behalf and it remain the final process to Transfer your money into Your Bank Account, but before this we will need the   Courier Shipment Service Tracking Number of the item before we can activate your bank account.

    Please do allow 24 to 72 hours to activated your bank account after verifying the shipment of the item to the buyer.

 This is how we work things out here,Concerning the payment For Goods and We do hope you will understand us well and Comprehend with us about our form of payment to Secure both the buyer and seller interest from any Type Of Risk and Fraudulent Practices that is Very Rampant Through Online Transactions.

  We write to inform you of the readiness of this bank to make the transfer as soon as the shipment is made and verified .
 We urge you to please send to us the  Courier Shipment Service scanned receipt of this shipment for a through verification.
  This scanned receipt must be digitally snapped and sent to the customer care department of the The Citi Logo   Bank.
 The scanned receipt serves as a reference for the Accounts Department of our Bank .
 The receipt number occupies a space on the form for the transfer of the payment to the bank account sent to us by the payee to the Accounts Department.
 We verify the genuine of the Shipment due to the high rate of fraudulent acts on our internet transactions.
 It is the duty of this Bank to confirm the genuine of the Shipment Because most of our users have been scammed in one way or the other by our negligence.
 We have introduced many ways by which this scams and frauds can be reduced in our daily transactions.
 Normally, Items are Shipped after the conclusion of the bank with the necessary verifications and processing of the transfer,This takes about 24-48 Hours .
 However, The Bank Concludes and Transfers Payments under 24 hours in a situation whereby the Transfer Processing have been concluded with.
The Citi Logo Bank......................Designed To Serve You More Better !!!
Regards ,
Rebecca K. Jonathan  
The Citi Logo  Bank Accounts Dept.
Tel: + 447737063918
Fax: +447023056559
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